Wrecker Service Richmond TX-Things To Know

Unfortunately, it's a common scenario for a night out on the town. You drive to meet up with a bunch of friends at a local hot spot for some drinks and good food, but then walk outside a few hours later to find that your car is nowhere in sight. Or perhaps you left your car overnight because you took a taxi home, and then found it gone the next morning when you go to pick it up. Either way, this situation happens to hundreds of drivers, every single week! And unfortunately for them, it is usually at the fault of their own. Continue reading to learn why this is, and what to do if your vehicle is towed at a bar.

Parking Mistakes

If you have your car towed from a parking spot or a parking lot of a bar, there are two common reasons why this happened. But first, it is important to know that many commercial properties have property management contracts with local towing companies to watch their premises and tow away unauthorized vehicles. So when you park at any public commercial lot, keep in mind that it is patrolled 24 hours a day by a towing company under contract with the owners of the building. Unless a parking lot blatantly advertises free, overnight parking anytime, it is usually monitored. wrecker service richmond tx is an excellent resource for this.

Before committing to a parking spot at a bar, check around for signs near the parking spots that outline the "rules for parking" in their lot. On these signs, it will tell you if you are allowed to park there, for how long, and if overnight parking is permitted. Rules can vary depending on the owners of the parking lot, but some say you can only park for a maximum number of hours before your vehicle is marked delinquent.

These time limits can be as short as 1 hour parking, to as long as 24 hour parking. In most cases, time limits for bars are between 3 and 6 hours. This brings us to the two common reasons why vehicles are towed at bars. Drivers either get distracted and forget to walk outside and move their car before time is up, or they simply leave it there overnight when 24 hour parking is not permitted.


If your vehicle is towed at a bar, simply look for and read the corresponding parking signs. They will have the name of the towing company assigned to that area, as well as their contact information. Give them a call and they will tell you exactly how to get your car back. Remember, it's not their fault your car was towed, so be nice! They are friendly and glad to help.